Always seen but never heard. These gleaming and unyielding aluminium structures never fail to make their statement in every experience. Consisting of braces, main tubes and supporting chords, trusses participate in a very critical function. Their role serves both aesthetic and functionality. Coupled with corner blocks and motorized hoists, the blueprint of a truss rig is infinite.
Construct and connect

Amplify, resonate, and listen

The human ear has an audible range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. This capability allows us to make sense of melody. However, there is a limit to the distance where we can achieve clarity of natural sound. Amplification permits us to overcome that limitation. At the touch of a fader, muffled and distant noises swiftly become distinct melodies that resonate through our ears.

Listen. It surrounds you


Colours invoke many thoughts. Knitted together, we perceive an image. Since the advent of imagery, the technology associated with it has taken a big leap. We are no longer confined to the limits of a TV. It is now a question of how far the boundaries can be crossed. From large scale projections to flat panel displays, all formats of viewing can be seamlessly interfaced. Gaze and be pleasantly amazed.

Relax and Envision


Inverse square law: A law stating that the intensity of illumination changes in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the source.
Intensity: The amount of light or brightness that is transmitted by the light. From a dim glow to an explosion of light
Colour: The key to creating the mood or directing the emotion of a scene. The hues and saturation in the lighting will direct the different emotions in the audience.
Distribution: The physical location and type of instruments used. From a narrow beam to a wide flood of light. This will determine how the person or object will be illuminated.
Movement: All of these properties can be intensified or diminished with the introduction of movement through automation.

Anticipate, be enchanted